Healthy Maintenance

For those who have healthy, untroubled skin. Here is our recommended skincare ritual for radiant, beautiful skin. 

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Step 1. 

Cleanse - With the Rose Clay Propolis bar. Morning and night. Massage your skin with love to remove buildup, dry skin, dirt, and bacteria. 

Step 2. 
Exfoliate - 3xs weekly with our Honey Face Exfoliator. Grab a small amount, mix with water or the rose clay bar suds and massage gently onto skin. Avoiding the eye area. 
Bonus tip* Take it down to your shoulders and chest. 
Step 3. 
Tone - With our Propolis infused Rose toner. Morning and night. To decongest and calm the skin. 
Step 4. 
 Prep - With the Vitamin C mist or Hyaluronic mist. Morning and night. To prep the skin for the next steps and brighten. 
Step 5. 
Nourish - With the Omega serum and/or Propolis Radiance serumMorning and Night. To radiate, tighten. and ensure longterm care. 
Bonus Tip* If you're running low on time, mix your serum with the Royal Jelly Moisturizer for a hydrating skin "cocktail."
**Take it down to your shoulders and chest
Step 6.
Protect - Royal Jelly Moisturizer. Morning and Night. To shield the skin from pollution and oxidative stress while maintaining a healthy moisture barrier.
Bonus Tip* Add double the layer at night for a restorative skin treatment while you sleep. Apply 30 minutes before bedtime. 
**Add to the lips as a hydrating balm. 
***Take it down to your shoulders and chest.

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