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So..for as long as I can remember I've always dealt with a form of anxiety. I never quite understood it either and up until now that I've had to do so much research on the topic. 


Its not a physical disease so can be hard to identify. It has a lot of stigmas and can be very misunderstood. It was also something I didn't want to accept? Why was it that I viewed this thing negatively? I think as a society are we doing it a disservice not discussing it and not thoroughly defining it. 


I thought to myself of the disservice I was doing to myself and others by not talking about it. 


Im also not an expert or licensed professional, but I can tell you what I've learned about it, from it, and how I manage it. 


I have never felt so peaceful in my life knowing that no matter what war goes on in my head, I will be OKAY. 


And I want to share that with anyone else who might also be enduring it. 


Sista to sista