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October 30, 2019

BOM DÍA- The BEST BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE for clear skin (or anytime of day for energy). 
Hi Im Alexandra and I actually can consider myself a health NUT. 
I’ve been into anything healthy since I was super young. I went pescatarian when I was 17 and 3 months later went on a full plant based diet without hesitation. 
Ive been consuming a plant based diet now for many years…and that’s one area in life I will never regret. Theres actually not one thing that makes me feel better then nourishing my body and brain with powerful foods and vegetables. I see food as energy, as nourishment. Food in French is translated to nourishment. Theres no other translation for it. Our food should be our fuel and not anything else. See it as nourishment and your entire perspective changes. 
Going vegan gets you SO excited about all the beautiful veggies and foods out there. Trust me, Im going to name it vegan syndrome, because when you go, you get so enthusiastic about all the cool food and spices you can put together and create these beautiful dishes. You literally feel like you can start your own restaurant LOL. Im not kidding my fellow vegetarians or vegans can agree.
But this blog post isn’t about a plant based diet, that can be a whole other post on its own. Let me know if you guys would want more insight into it. Its about a beautiful-energizing smoothie that has helped clear up my skin TREMENDOUSLY.  
Ive found it online then added my own touches. 
The main ingredients to this bad-ass smoothie are:
Spirulina ( FOR THE GLOW ) - What is it? One of the worlds most popular supplements. A superfood powder high in vitamins, protein, anti-oxidants, and nutrients all fundamental for the growth of healthy skin cells. Do not leave this ingredient out, k? 
Bee Pollen ( E N E R G Y ) - This will actually get you pumped. Along with energy, one of the amino acids in bee pollen is called proline, a building block for collagen synthesis that can boost skin firmness, suppleness, and youthful look. No wrinkles here… or anytime soon. 
Greens of your choice ( I always get dinosaur kale, always no question) - Also called Tuscan Kale, is soooo good for the skin. Loaded with anti-oxidants ( we love those for clear skin) and Vitamin C. On elf the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Containing so many powerful vitamins and minerals all in one. 
Some sweet fruit ( frozen pineapple & banana) - Your choice 
Cucumber - H Y D R A T I O N. If you're lazy to peel one, try persian cucumbers. The skin is edible. ;)
Ginger ( You won’t even taste it) - A must. Sorry. Major anti-aging benefits. Contains around 40 anti-oxidants that prevents free radical damage (what causes aging in skin) and protect against aging. Also can even skin tone and improve elasticity.  
There you have it ladies & gents. My secret super smoothie! Ive been drinking one almost everyday for the past year. Whether its for breakfast, post workout, or as a small  meal. 
It tastes so good and the perfect pick me up from all the nutrients and energy sources. 
I literally can’t rave enough about this smoothie and what it has done for my body, energy, and skin. If you don’t go to the grocery store right now and purchase these ingredients, you can’t complain about your skin not glowing anymore, k? Its affordable and d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.
If you can’t make it at home and are on the go, ask for these ingredients at the smoothie bar. I know Whole Foods definitely has them. 
Im actually off to make one right now. Have a lovely day and remember food is fuel. Ask yourself the next time you consume it, is this nourishing me or doing the opposite? 

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