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HOW TO: Royal Jelly Glow Cream

HOW TO: Royal Jelly Glow Cream

October 23, 2019

How to Use the Royal Jelly Glow Cream for Glowing skin 
The Royal Jelly Glow Cream is my baby. Its the very first skincare product that drastically, and I mean drastically changed my skin's type, texture, tone, and glow. It's a best seller, targeted for all skin types, and beneficial for anyone who wants to dabble into natural beauty products. Let's go in to how I personally suggest using the plant powered and bee based product for optimal results. Because we're all about the results here. 
Rise N' Shine baby - Morning Routine: 
If you prefer cleansing your face before application of the Glow Cream go ahead and do so before this step. With the remaining water on your face, whether from rinsing, washing, or personally my very cold shower (great for the lymphatic system and central nervous system, SO obsessed) apply the Glow Cream while your face is still moist and massage into the skin. This creates ultimate hydration for our face, while still being a light light enough cream for the day. Follow with spf and you're ready for the day. 
Side tip: If you exercise in the mornings, I highly recommend following the step above. When excersing we want to have light products on the skin so we don’t clog our pores from the sweat its excreting. Also its amazing if you enter the sauna with the Glow Cream on. Thank me later. Just remember to always rinse your face lightly before entering the sauna if its at the end of your workout.
Night time Routine: 
After cleansing or showering, apply a thicker layer of the Glow Cream on your skin. Almost to work as a hydration mask for the ultimate glow when you wake up. Always apply one hour before heading to bed.
This is because if you apply right before bed, your skincare routine might just be stripped away by your sheets and pillow cases. Make sure you wash your sheets and pillow cases at least once a week so your skin isn’t absorbing any of that dirt, oil, or dust. 
These steps are crucial  if one is wanting to achieve healthy, glowy, clear skin. Our skin is a direct representation of how we care for it, with what we're using to care for it, and what we put into it.
That includes water intake, diet, and clean products. Follow these steps for 2-3 weeks and you’ll see results. Join the clean beauty fam over here at Flor. 
Thanks for reading! I wish you healthy skin and happiness!
Your very truly best, 

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