Flor By Alexandra

Our first honey mask is here. With the key ingredient of course being fresh Wildflower Honey collected from the Buckhorn Canyon mountains this past year.

Its incredible skin healing properties include:

  • helps slow downaging of the skin from the high antioxidant properties 
  • calming for acne prone skin, eczema, dry skin, maskne 
  • plumps the skin by drawing moisture from the air and into the skin
  • helps reduce acne & breakouts with its antibacterial properties
  • apply for a quick spot treatment on acne

Hand mixed with detoxifyingrose clay to draw out dirt and toxins from the skin, gently exfoliate, and increase blood circulation. 

This product is a seasonal product so once we sell out it will be gone! Get your hands on it as soon as possible. Can be found online and at our Sunday harbor farmers market this week!


Apply a deliberate amount to the skin when you need a quick calming and oxygenated facial. Leave on for 15-20 mins, then rinse. 

H O T   T I P ***

Use as an acne spot treatment to quickly heal and prevent breakouts. 


No scent, fragrances, or essential oils just a gorgeous honey scent. 


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