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Maskne aka “Mask Acne”

Maskne aka “Mask Acne”

July 10, 2020

Maskne aka “Mask Acne”


Have you been experiencing redness, pimples, or irritation around your cheeks, mouth, and jawline from wearing your mask? 


This type of acne called Acne Mechanica, better known as “Maskne”, includes any skin issues caused by friction, pressure, stretching, rubbing, or squeezing. It occurs in areas where, in this 


case, the mask sits against.


Face masks may cause irritation by rubbing against the skin which can damage the skin’s protective skin barrier [and/or] trap excess oils, sweat, bacteria, and moisture which may cause breakouts by clogging your pores.


Tips to Treat/Prevent Maskne:


Simple Skincare Routine ➝ If you are in a working environment that requires you to wear a mask all day, now is not the time to be using all of your active ingredient products. (Retinols, Benzoyl Peroxide) Because the mask rubs against the skin, it may cause a deeper penetration of those products and cause further irritation. Keep it simple with CLEAN and gentle ingredients.


🌷Gentle Cleanser (double cleanse in the evenings) For more oily/acne prone skin types, recommend a gentle cleanser that contains Glycolic or Salicylic.


🌷Exfoliate (1x per week) This will help remove any dead skin cells and debris that may be causing blockage.


🌷Spot treat blemishes with salicylic (willowbark) Recommend 2-5%, nothing greater.


🌷A Hydrating face cream will create a protective barrier while helping to restore it as well.


🌷SPF (ALWAYS!) duh!💁🏼‍♀️


Wash your face ➝ Before you put on your mask, make sure to wash your face to avoid trapping any bacteria under the mask and pushing it further into your skin. Make sure to wash it after too!😘


Skip Make-up ➝ Try toning it down on heavy make-up during this time. Let your skin breathe because it needs it more than ever! I suggest a tinted SPF.


Mask type ➝ Opt for a mask that is 100% cotton to allow the skin to breathe as much as it can. (if you do not plan to wash your mask daily with fragrance-free detergent) Opt for a mask made from Hemp. It is naturally anti bacterial and less likely to collect bacteria after one use.


Clean mask ➝ The hotter the temperature, the more you may sweat. Oil, sweat, and dirt sit on the mask. Keeping your mask as clean as possible during this time is key.

*Do not re-use surgical masks*


xo Monica, LME